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In Somers, Ct: Puerto Rican political prisoner Avelino González Claudio awaiting

Posted on 05 April 2008 by admin

Avelino González Claudio is presently incarcerated at the Northern Correctional Institution in Somers, Connecticut, awaiting trial. His lawyer, Juan Ramon Acevedo, is preparing for the bail hearing. Please write to the compañero at the address indicated.

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As part of Jornada 100 x 35: Mapeyé to perform concert of Corretjer’s Poetry

Posted on 05 April 2008 by admin

• Puerto Rican patriots Alicia Rodriguez, Luis Rosa, Tania Frontera to be honored
• featured speaker Renowned author, attorney Eduardo Villanueva

On Friday, April 4, Orquestra Mapeye comes to Chicago to celebrate the centennial of Juan Antonio Corretjer, the National Poet of Puerto Rico, as well as, to commemorate the capture of Puerto Rican Patriots on April 4, 1980 in Evanston, IL. Author and attorney Eduardo Villanueva, former Puerto Rican political prisoners Alicia Rodriguez and Luis Rosa, artist and grand jury resister Tania Frontera and SieteNueve “Boricua Hip Hop with Conscience” will join them in an extraordinary event of music, food and camaraderie.

As a result of the above arrest, Carlos Alberto Torres will mark the beginning of his 28th year of political incarceration—by year’s end will make him the Puerto Rican patriot that has served the longest sentence of any political prisoner. The other remaining Puerto Rican political prisoner, Oscar López Rivera, arrested in May of 1981, will begin his 27th year of incarceration.

This April 4 event has a threefold purpose: to celebrate the centennial, to honor the patriots and as a call to action to bring the remaining patriots home —by writing to them, by getting involved in the campaign to free them, by hosting charlas in our churches, schools, professional circles, by sponsoring the “Not Enough Space” art exhibition, or the play based on their experiences “Crime Against Humanity”. Thus, we can all be part of making history. JOIN NATIONAL BORICUA FOR THIS CONCERT, FORUM AND DINNER ON:
Friday, April 4th, 6pm,
Casa Puertorriqueña,
1237 N. California
$25 includes dinner

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“La Jornada 100 X 35” Donors Club Members

Posted on 05 April 2008 by admin

Dr. Rene Antrop-González
Dr. Bill Ayers
Dr. Adam Berker
Leony Calderón
Dr. Kathy Christoffel
Dr. Antonia Darder
Carlos De Jesús
Judith Diaz
Raul Echevarria
Omaira & Ecliserio Figueroa
Sol Flores
Lisette Fuentes
Juanita Garcia
Marvin Garcia
Dr. Laura Ruth Johnson
Michele Kelley
Jeanne Kracher
Nancy Kurshan
Lourdes Lugo
Debby Macey
Eliud Medina
Alejandro Luis Molina
Michelle Morales Montes
Nancy Myers
Alderman Billy & Veronica Ocasio
Fred Rivera
Lourdes Rodríguez
Matthew Rodríguez
Michael Rodríguez
Yvette Rodríguez
Dr. Ida Roldan
Hipolito Roldan
Dr. Lourdes Torres
Jodene Velázquez
Dr. Steven Whitman

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“La Jornada 100 X 35”: The Beginning of a Paseo Boricua Journey

Posted on 05 April 2008 by admin

Xavier “Xavi” Luis Burgos

On March 3, under the name “La Jornada 100 X 35,” the beginning of a yearlong journey of celebrations and initiatives to showcase and benefit the Paseo Boricua-Humboldt Park community was unveiled. On that day, exactly 100-years-ago, one of the great revolutionaries and the National Poet of Puerto Rico, Juan Antonio Corretjer was born. Also, 35-years-ago, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC), which bears the name of the prominent figure, was founded in this community.

At the launching of La Jornada 100 X 35, a representation of the dimensions of the island of Puerto Rico, over 80 invited guests were given a detailed tour into the fruits of labor of the PRCC. Since its inception, the PRCC has addressed the challenges that Puerto Ricans face in Chicago. With a goal of creating parallel institutions, the PRCC, with community support, built an alternative high school, a child care, a library, a youth space, a fresh fruits and vegetables program, a newspaper, an after school program, an anti-gentrification project and much more. The tour of the multiple institutions was also a fundraiser so that the PRCC’s vision for community could be carried-out.

Some of the notable guests included State Representative Cynthia Soto, a longtime supporter and contributor to the efforts of the PRCC as well as a representative from the Advocate Bethany Hospital. Guests were able to view the new recording studio in the Batey Urbano youth space, made possible with funding from Comcast. The recording studio will be used for the students of the radio section of the Barrio Arts, Culture, and Community Academy (BACCA) after school program. That day the students in the photography section of the BACCA program were also able to receive their digital cameras. The tour ended with a special dinner at Nellie’s Restaurant on Paseo Boricua and a private viewing of the heartfelt theater production, Crime Against Humanity, about the imprisonment of the Puerto Rican political prisoners.

As “100 X 35” is yearlong celebration, please keep reading La Voz for news about future events. For more information, please contact, Raul Echevarria at 773/278-6751 or email him at

Editor’s Note: As a proud project of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, La Voz del Paseo Boricua would ask for the support of all its readers. If you are in the position to make a financial contribution to the PRCC, please do so and help contribute to the preservation and development of Puerto Rican-focused community initiatives. Only together can we move the Puerto Rican community forward!

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DSBDA Celebrates 3rd Annual Paseo Boricua Awards Ceremony

Posted on 05 April 2008 by admin

Ketty Burgos The Division Street Business Development Association (DSBDA) hosted its 3rd Annual Paseo Boricua Awards Ceremony. The event honors those businesses and individuals that have exemplified commitment and dedication towards the Paseo Boricua community. DSBDA’s Award Ceremony typically takes place in November of every year. However, due to financial constraints in 2007, it was postponed until this past 27th of March, 2008. It was a spectacular event for the Paseo Boricua Community. Over 200 attendees joined DSBDA for a night of celebration, recognizing those who have gone above and beyond to enhance Paseo Boricua and the Humboldt Park Community. This event will shine a light on examples of community building with the 2007 Ambassador of the Year awardee Efrain Vargas, Humboldt Construction General Manager and Bickerdike’s developer of La Estancia Apartments located on sites along Division Street-most prominently on the corner of California & Division. The 2007 Corporate Partner of the Year was awarded to Comcast for sponsorship and media support of DSBDA and Paseo Boricua events throughout the year. Lastly, but not least, the highly coveted 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year Award was presented to the Espinoza and Muñiz family, owners of Café Colao and Nellie’s Restaurant located in the heart of Paseo Boricua. It was a wonderful evening of fun, dinner, music and networking. Join us for the upcoming 4th Annual Paseo Boricua Award Awards presentation coming this November! For more information on DSBDA (2459 W. Division St.) call 773-782-0454.

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About “Angel”

Posted on 05 April 2008 by admin

Mariano Farias is freed from the penitentiary after 13 years. He maintains his innocence, and believes that Angel, a police investigator, fabricated the evidence against him. And that, while Mariano was away, Angel caused the death of his wife. Mariano is going to investigate these facts, implicating the original prosecutor and Angel’s close collaborator, Jose Villanueva. Will justice be served this time?


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Humboldt Park Local gives back to Community through Documentary

Posted on 05 April 2008 by admin

Marisol Rodríguez

Mildred Amador was one of many who witnessed the construction of the steel Puerto Ricans flags that have been welcoming locals and visitors to Paseo Boricua since 1995.

But Amador did not just watch the flags go up; she went a step further by documenting the story surrounding the construction of these Division street monuments. “I realized that there was an amazing story here about the series of events that unfolded to get the flags erected,” Amador said.

Inspired by the need to make this story available to future generations, Amador recently finished producing “Flags of Steel,” a documentary that explores the history of Chicago’s Puerto Rican community.

“Flags of Steel” premiered on March 31 at Roberto Clemente High School, where Amador has been teaching students in video production for over 15 years. The documentary, which runs 30 minutes, is not only about the design, engineering and fabrication of the steel flags, but about their deeper significance for Chicago Boricuas, according to Amador. “What these flags represent is a lot of hard work and sacrifice that our parents and grandparents had to endure when they first arrived,” Amador said.
With money out of her own pocket, Amador covered the costs of making the documentary. She only started editing her footage two years ago, when she was able to purchase the necessary equipment to do the job.

Through her work in the Humboldt Park community, Amador said she had a great time meeting wonderful people, including talented local artists, whose art work is featured in “Flags of Steel.” Amador said she was impressed by the generosity of the local Humboldt Park community and acknowledged the encouragement and assistance she received from the Puerto Rican Cultural Center. “They were very supportive of the project and incredibly helpful in pushing if forward,” she said about the PRCC.

Amador, whose family hails from the towns of Barceloneta and Ciales, Puerto Rico, grew up in the Logan Square area of Chicago and has been living in Humboldt Park for the past 15 years. She graduated from Columbia College with a BA in Film and Video and has produced two other documentaries – “Boriquen me llama” and “Tres raíces y una cultura”—about the experience of Puerto Rican Clemente high school students on their first trip to Puerto Rico.

“Flags of Steel” will be featured at the Chicago Latino Film Festival this month, with showings at Instituto Cervantes, 31 E. Ohio st., on April 4 and 7. Amador hopes that her documentary will give its viewers a sense of the vibrancy and resilience of the Humboldt Park Puerto Rican community, while also emphasizing the importance of preserving all that this community has accomplished through struggle and sacrifice. “It is all of our responsibility, as Puerto Ricans, to protect what has already been created,” Amador said, “And to know that there is much more room to grow and flourish.”


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SPECIAL RECEPTION: Jacobo Morales to visit Paseo Boricua

Posted on 05 April 2008 by admin

SPECIAL RECEPTION: Jacobo Morales to visit Paseo Boricua

On Monday, April 14, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC), the Puerto Rican Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA) and Latino Film Festival will welcome Puerto Rican Filmmaker Jacobo Morales to Paseo Boricua.

The special reception is free for 100 x 35 members (please call or email to RSVP), $20 for general public.

For more information on the events, please contact, Raul Echevarria at 773/278-6751 or


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24th Chicago Latino Film Festival to Honor Puerto Rican filmmaker, Jacobo Morales

Posted on 05 April 2008 by admin

On April 16, join the Puerto Rican Cultural Center contingent as we attend the closing night reception of the Latino Film Festival honoring Jacobo Morales with the “Gloria Lifetime Achievement” Award. After the reception, we will attend the Chicago premiere of the Jacobo Morales’ feature film “Angel.” Free for 100 x 35 members. $10 Tickets and transportation will be available at the Puerto Rican Cultural Center.

Gilberto Concepción Suárez wrote of Morales, “Jacobo Morales has been a very important factor in theater, radio, television, the movies, both in Puerto Rico and abroad, although he has always preferred the topics and scenes of Puerto Rico. Without a doubt, we can call him the most multi-faceted and talented of Puerto Rican artists of all time. But those are not the principal qualities of Jacobo Morales. Dedicated to ingrained principles, with serious and deep convictions and an absolute determination to live under the protection of them with a bright look to future, he knows the only way to develop is to cultivate his commitment to human beings: his family, friends, people, and affirmation of individual and collective destiny. For the second half of the 20th Century, Jacobo has been a true lighthouse. The light to guide the way; more than a human being, he has been an entity always looking and finding, a point of support and answer. From his multitude of works, and excellence in which he has accomplished them, Jacobo has been the most relevant and stable figure in the first 50 years of television in Puerto Rico.”

For more information on the events, please call Raul Echevarria at 773/278-6751 or email him at

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Over 300 Attend Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Event

Posted on 04 April 2008 by admin

On Friday, March 14 more than 300 people convened at Rebaño Compañerismo Cristiano Church to honor Latina women in Humboldt Park. The purpose of the event, hosted by the Humboldt Park Breast and Cervical Health Partnership, was to launch an initiative to raise awareness around the issues of breast and cervical cancer and to improve the utilization of life-saving screening procedures such as Mammography and Pap Smears among Latinas in this community.

The breast cancer mortality rate (number of women dying from breast cancer) in Humboldt Park is 34.3/100,000 women, this is 50% higher than the rate for the city of Chicago which is 22.6 per 100,000 women. In fact, of the 77 community areas in Chicago, Humboldt Park’s breast cancer mortality rate ranks 15th worst – higher than 62 other communities.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Aida Giachello, founder and director of the UIC JACSW Midwest Latino Health Research, Training, and Policy Center, spoke to all those present about the importance of women taking charge of their health and the critical role of community collaboration in addressing health problems such as breast and cervical cancer.

In addition to the more than 200 women present that day were Steven Guerra, the highest ranking Latino in Governor Blagojevich’s administration, Dr. Damon Arnold, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, State Senator Willie Delgado, State Senator Iris Martinez, and State Rep Cynthia Soto.

While all of the speakers gave excellent and informative presentations the most compelling and inspiring stories came from the survivors who shared their personal stories and struggles with the group. They included Michael O’Grady, CEO of Norwegian American Hospital, Maddi Elga Amill, Director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, Emma Lozano, Director of Centro Sin Fronteras, Cynthia Guerrero, and Wilma Santiago. At times their stories of hope and survival moved, the entire audience to tears. Rebaño’s Pastora
Lynette Santiago made powerful and insightful concluding remarks about faith, hope, and community in the process of confronting breast and cervical cancer.

The Humboldt Park Breast and Cervical Health Partnership is comprised of representatives from the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program (IBCCP), Sinai Health System, the Greater Humboldt Park Community of Wellness, Rebaño Compañerismo Cristiano Church, Pedro Albizu Campos High School/Alternative Schools Network, the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, and the Puerto Rican Cultural Center. The event was sponsored by Norwegian American Hospital, Goya Foods, Banco Popular, and Boca Ad Agency. The event was presented by the Illinois Department of Public Health in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Hispanic/Latino Health Initiative.

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