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Born and raised in Humboldt Park, Javier Anaya is a Puerto Rican who is investing in his neighborhood and moving in rather than moving out.

Gutiérrez reads from his memoirs to capacity in Eastcost City Tour.

Congressman Luis Gutiérrez talked to over sixty students and faculty at Yale University this past Friday about his newly released memoir and the journey he endured as a Latino going to Capitol Hill.

Although in his final years Tato Laviera lost his sight, he could intuit more than most could observe, and was able to register...

12th ANNUAL HAUNTED PASEO HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL Featuring Healthy Treats for Children of All Ages

On October 31, 2013, Division Street Business Development Association & Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School hosted the 12th Annual Haunted Paseo Boricua in...

The Rescue staff and our Latino LGBTQ youth residents

Employees of The Rescue / PRCC and our young LGBTQ Latino residents. We are excited to receive the great news that the Illinois House of...

“Rafael Tufiño Way” in El Barrio N.Y.

(October 18, 2013) The “Painter of the People,” Rafael Tufiño, has become the first New York City-born visual artist of Puerto Rican decent to have a...

Prominent Nuyorican Poet Tato Laviera Dies

Many of us are mourning the passing of Puerto Rican writer Tato Laviera, a lead poet, musician, and composer of the Puerto Rican diaspora.
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Oscar López Rivera: “La realidad asombra”

miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018 - 12:00 AM Por José A. Delgado Robles EL NUEVO DIA El exprisionero político, excarcelado el 17 de mayo de 2017,...

Puerto Rico Today

The Plight of Puerto Rico: Coloniality, Diaspora, and Decolonial Resistance

Luis N. Rivera Pagán PUBLICADO: 11 DE MAYO DE 2018 en 80 GRADOS “The Bible… unlike the books of other ancient peoples, was… the literature of...

Rooted In El Caño

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